What are the Procedures Involved in Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty helps to reshape the labia minor and will enhance comfort. Dr. Melissa Marks will help you achieve the best cosmetic solution.

What are the Procedures Involved in Labiaplasty?

When folds of skin around the vagina become uncomfortable, it requires corrective cosmetic surgery. Labiaplasty helps to reshape the labia minora. This enhances comfort as you go about daily chores. Some of the reasons that result in significant labia change include hormonal fluctuations, discomfort, and pain from the lips of the vagina. These reasons range from postpartum to irregular labia minora.

During the procedure, the surgeon administers a local anesthetic before making small incisions. Our experts use modern technology and techniques to ensure the desired natural look is achieved.

The entire surgery usually takes a maximum of two hours. If the surgeon recommends general anesthesia, call your friend to take you home or have someone take you home. Some of these techniques include:

Sculpted Linear

This technique involves a straight-line incision. Also referred to as a curvilinear incision, the incision runs along the outer edge of the labia. Patients with excess tissue on either side of their labia benefit from this technique. Sculpted linear results in an outward labia appearance, which is more comfortable.

V-Wedge Resection

This procedure involves excising a v-shaped wedge from the labia tissue. Despite its intrusiveness, v-wedged resection reduces the risk of nerve damage. In addition, V-wedged resection ensures there’s little or no evidence of surgery. It leaves no mark which makes it a suitable option for most patients considering Labiaplasty.

Stem-Iris Scissors

This technique doesn’t alter labia tissue like the other procedures. However, Stem-iris scissors require specialized instruments. Hence the need for consulting an expert. It also requires detailed attention to homeostasis, tissue planes, and anesthesia.

Do not just decide between undergoing Labiaplasty without being informed. Talk to our team of experts and learn about the different options available. It also allows you to compare various viable possibilities. Ensuring all patients understand available options before coming up with a suitable conclusion.

 We provide personalized care guaranteed to meet your needs. Contact us and schedule an appointment to receive the best cosmetic solutions.

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