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A Brow Lift is a surgical cosmetic face & neck procedure performed to lift sagging and wrinkled skin on the forehead in order to obtain a more youthful appearing forehead. By lifting the forehead, the drooping eyebrows, eyelids, and crows feet are lifted as well, which will give a more rested and refreshed look. This procedure is often combined with eyelid surgery and face lift surgery.

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Signature Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery - face - Eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery is performed on the upper eyelid, lower eyelid, or both. There are different reasons people seek eyelid surgery. Over time, the fat deposits behind your eyes can bulge resulting in a “puffy” and “tired” appearance. Some people also have excess droopy skin on the upper eyelid that can impede vision or on the lower eyelid that results in a wrinkled sagging appearance. By removing the excess fat bulges and skin sagging on your eyelids, the appearance of your eyes will be more rested and brighter. If your vision was impeded this will be improved as well.

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Signature Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery - face - Face lift - female

As we age normally, our face exhibits superficial and deep changes. Due to loss of volume and collagen superficial wrinkles, deep folds, sagging skin, and change in facial shape is noted. A face lift is performed to smooth the face, correct skin sagging, and correct jowling. Face lifts are often performed in combination with neck lifts and eyelid surgery. There are many different types of face lifts and we can help you identify which is right for you.

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Signature Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery - face - neck lift

Neck contouring procedures are performed for several different reasons: excess fat or excess skin or both. Patients with excess fat but good skin elasticity are candidates for neck liposuction. The platysma muscle is a broad, thin muscle that aids in neck contour. With the normal aging process, this muscle tends to thin and separate leaving sagging skin and visible wrinkles. In this case, a surgical neck lift is recommended. Regardless of your concern we can help with this face & neck procedure.

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Signature Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery - face - Ear Reshaping - female

Ear reshaping is performed for several reasons: to reduce ear size, repair traumatized or misshapen ears, or correct protruding ears. When considering ear reshaping, the Surgeon must recognize symmetry, proportion, and size. This is important as each patient’s ears are different and should be considered in proportion with their face.

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Signature Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery - face - fat transfer

Fat Transfer (also known as Fat Grafting) is the transfer of adipose tissue (fat tissue) from one area of the body to another. It is used to fill volume deficits of the face, breast, gluteal region, or hands. Fat Transfer also aids in improvement of skin appearance after radiation treatment.

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Signature Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery - face - nose reshaping

This procedure is commonly known as a “nose job.” People seek rhinoplasties (or nose jobs) for a variety of reasons including aesthetic and functional. A rhinoplasty performed for aesthetic reasons refines the nose to match the patient’s facial features and corrects any deformity or asymmetry. Nasal dysfunction, such as difficulty breathing through the nose, can be due to trauma or genetics. Rhinoplasty can correct this as well.

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