Signature Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery - breast - breast augmentation

Breast enhancement with augmentation is among the top 5 cosmetic surgical procedures performed by Plastic Surgeons. Enhancement in overall shape and volume of the breasts is achieved to aid in balance and symmetry of the overall appearance of ones figure. There are many styles, shapes, and sizes of breast implants manufactured. It is important to be fully informed when making the decision to undergo breast augmentation. You will work closely with Dr. Marks to help you find the most aesthetically pleasing breast implant to fit you.

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Signature Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery - breast - breast lift

Breast Lift, also known as Mastopexy, is a common procedure performed by Plastic Surgeons to surgically lift sagging (or ptotic) breasts. This procedure is performed for women who desire improved breast contour without a large volume change. Aging, weight loss, pregnancy, and genetics are among the most common causes for sagging breasts. A breast lift will raise, reposition, and contour the breasts to add aesthetic balance and symmetry to ones figure. No two patients are alike; this means each breast lift will be tailored to your body, shape, and size.

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Signature Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery - breast - breast reduction

Breast Reduction surgery is performed to decrease the size of ones breasts. Excessively large breasts can result in chronic neck and back pain, shoulder grooving, headaches, rashes, and difficulty buying clothing. They can also have a negative impact on ones overall body image. The goal of a breast reduction is to decrease the breast volume while creating an aesthetically beautiful breast that is tailored to each patient’s body, size, and shape.

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Signature Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery - breast - breast implant exchange

Breast implants are placed to augment ones breast size, shape, volume, and appearance. Over time, people may want to remove or exchange their breast implants due to a desire to change size or appearance. Another reason to remove breast implants is for patient request. A small subset of the population may be experiencing systemic symptoms that they attribute to their breast implants. Although this has not been scientifically proven by the FDA, if removing the breast implant aids in a patient’s well-being and whole body happiness Dr. Marks can help. She has lectured Nationally on this topic.

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Signature Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery - breast - breast reconstruction

The lifetime risk for developing breast cancer is 1 in 8 (or 12%). It is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women. With Dr. Marks’ robust training in Plastic Surgery and General Surgery, she has a full understanding of how the breasts are affected by breast cancer. In her General Surgery training, she treated many women with breast cancer via mastectomies, lumpectomies, and lymph node biopsies and lymph node dissections. Now being a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. Marks has the privilege to help reconstruct women’s breasts after their cancer removing procedures. Breast reconstruction after cancer removal is one of the most rewarding procedures as it helps an already strong women become more confident in her appearance.

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Signature Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery - male procedures - male breast reduction

Gynecomastia is the most common breast problem in men. The overall incidence has been reported to be approximately 35%. Although this is typically a benign (not cancerous) proliferation of breast tissue, the appearance of gynecomastia can affect a man’s body image, confidence, and it can make it difficult to buy clothing. Liposuction and surgical removal are two types of procedures, with well-hidden scars, that can be performed alone or together to reduce the size of the male breast.

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Signature Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery - body - fat transfer

Fat Transfer (also known as Fat Grafting) is the transfer of adipose tissue (fat tissue) from one area of the body to another. It is used to fill volume deficits of the face, breast, gluteal region, or hands. Fat Transfer also aids in improvement of skin appearance after radiation treatment.

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