What’s the Best Laser Treatment for Brown Spots?

Laser treatment is an effective remedy for people with brown spots. Contact Dr. Melissa Marks to find out more.

What’s the Best Laser Treatment for Brown Spots?

Brown spots usually occur because of age, broken capillaries, birthmarks, and sunlight. Laser treatment is an effective remedy for people with spots. Physicians use high-energy lasers to remove any unwanted marks on your skin safely. There are different types of laser treatments for brown spots. These lasers are customized depending on the severity of your condition.

Dual Laser for Brown Spots

Dual laser treatment is effective for people with mild to moderate sun-related damage. The dual laser is preferred because it has little downtime and minor side effects. Dual laser treatment enhances collagen production by delivering non-ablative thermal energy. This energy penetrates the deeper levels of the skin. The results start to show as soon as four days after treatment. However, the optimal outcome occurs after the final session, which is six months.

 Hybrid Fractional Laser

Hybrid laser treatment uses both ablative and non-ablative wavelengths. This makes it effective in correcting hyperpigmentation. Non-ablative energy focuses on skin conditions like sun-related damage. Ablative energy on the other hand focuses on the top layers of the skin. This type of laser treatment is customized to enhance results, but has more downtime.

Laser treatment usually takes fifteen to sixty minutes. Duration depends on the color, size, and depth of the spot. The number of sites to be treated is also a determining factor. Laser treatment of brown spots is a non-intrusive procedure.

This means it is done on an outpatient basis. Laser treatments do not require anesthesia or multiple follow-up sessions. A patient with brown spots only requires a maximum of three visits. However, red-colored scars and broken capillaries require multiple laser treatments.

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