What is Hydroquinone Cream?

Hydroquinone cream lightens dark patches on various affected parts of your skin.

What is Hydroquinone Cream?

Hydroquinone cream lightens dark patches on various affected parts of your skin. These patches develop because of several reasons. Some of these reasons include birth control pills, hormone medicine, skin injury, or pregnancy. Hydroquinone treats colored patches by blocking the agents that cause skin discoloration.

This FDA-approved chemical does not affect users with side effects. However, some patients experience mild effects like dry skin. Hydroquinone bleaches the skin and comes as a gel, cream, lotion, or emulsion. Hydroquinone addresses several conditions aside from hyperpigmentation, and physicians use it to treat:


People with brown or gray-brown patches on their skin often suffer from melisma. These patches usually appear on the face, especially around the nose and cheeks. Being exposed to the sun also results in the appearance of these spots. This means exposed skin on the neck, forearms, and other parts easily gets affected. Hydroquinone lightens the areas affected for an even complexion.

Acne Scars

Acne affects the skin because of several reasons. Some of them include dead skin, excess oil, and bacteria build up in skin pores. The body tries to repair affected areas on the skin, which causes scars. Hydroquinone focuses on the affected areas by making these scars less visible. Acne scare affects many people, and this chemical treatment ensures you don’t need to feel self-conscious.


Like melisma, lentigines usually develop in areas exposed to the sun. This means your face and the skin behind your hands quickly develop these spots. In addition, lentigines tend to be dark, flat, and minor in width. Hydroquinone treats the skin by getting rid of these spots, leaving you with smooth, glowing skin.


Most people with dark patches on their cheeks usually ignore them. This is because these patches or freckles tend to be more pronounced when exposed to the sun. Although freckles appear normal, hydroquinone helps you maintain your fair skin.

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