6 Things to Consider Before Treating Inadequate Eyelash Growth with Latisse

Treat inadequate eyelash growth with Latisse.

6 Things to Consider Before Treating Inadequate Eyelash Growth with Latisse

Bimatoprost, also sold under the brand name Latisse, comes highly recommended by experts in both cosmetics and medicine. Unlike most medications, it addresses two issues all at once. Aside from treating patients suffering from glaucoma, this medication helps to grow and thicken eyelashes.

However, the question most people have pertained to safety and whether the results last. According to experts in the field, this treatment minimizes the risk of any harmful side effects. Before treating eyelash growth with Latisse, some of the things to consider:

Can it Darken Skin Around My Lashes?

Most products usually leave permanent marks on the skin around, but Latisse does not leave lasting pigmentation. Patients using this medication experience mild darkening of the skin near the border of the skin and the lashes. However, as soon as you stop using the product, this pigmentation fades away.

Can it Change the Color of My Eyes?

A rare side effect of Latisse medication includes eye discoloration. Although it does not happen to a vast majority of patients, those with light or blue eyes need to be cautious. The reason for the loss of color results comes from the active ingredient in Latisse, bimatoprost. Patients with these types of eyes need to consult an expert and learn of various viable options.

Does it Cause Dry Eyes?

Latisse causes mild eye irritation, especially for patients with a tendency to wear contacts and dry eyes. Therefore, patients using Latisse and who exhibit these traits need to have prescribed eye drops to maintain the eyes’ comfort.

How Long Does It Take to Grow Lashes?

Before you start seeing significant eyelash growth, it usually takes a few weeks. During this time, Latisse stimulates your hair growth cycle. Most people begin to see eyelash growth from one month after use. However, dramatic changes occur three to four months after using Latisse.

How Long Should I Use It?

Patients usually stop using medication after they start noticing the significant change. However, if you see a shift in eyelash growth, continue using it until the recommended time elapses. Experts also advise patients to continue using it to maintain the desired results.

Can I Use Latisse While Pregnant?

Like most cosmetic medication, pregnant women need to seek advice from an expert to prevent complications. However, Latisse benefits tend to be more aesthetic, meaning you do not need to incur the risk of unknown birth side effects.

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