My Earlobe is Torn. How Do I Repair it?

split earlobe reversal. Repair your torn earlobe with Dr. Melissa Marks.

My Earlobe is Torn. How Do I Repair it?

A torn earlobe affects not only your aesthetics but also your confidence. Some of the things that cause an earlobe to split include; widened ear piercing, acute trauma, wearing heavy jewelry, and many others. Regardless of the cause, our experts reverse the effects of a split earlobe.

Through a split earlobe reversal and repair procedure, your earlobe returns to normal. Like any other medical procedure, consulting an expert increases the rate of success and recovery time.

Split Earlobe Reversal and Repair

This procedure addresses various earlobe-related complications such as the split earlobe, stretched piercing, or widened piercing hole. The surgeon begins by cleaning the affected area and then administer a local anesthetic. The anesthetic numbs the earlobe and the entire area surrounding the earlobe. Expect a small amount of skin to be cut before being re-stitched for a more natural appearance. It also protects the scar as it heals and reduces the risk of infection.

A follow-up session after undergoing the procedure ensures a successful recovery, and also in case of suture removal. However, some sutures do not require removal since the body absorbs them. Once the procedure ends without complications, most patients go home on the same day. Although a Z- plasty helps when the process requires a layered closure, other injuries require more effective surgical solutions.

For substantial support, the surgeon rearranges tissue in the earlobe to enhance the redistribution of healthy tissue. This helps to minimize the appearance of the scar after treatment. It also appears more natural and provides sufficient volume if you want to wear earrings in the future.

After split earlobe reversal and repair, ensure you protect your ears, especially when going home. When done with an expert, the procedure only takes two months to heal. Talk to us at Signature & Reconstructive Surgery for quality earlobe reversal and repair.

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