Does Insurance Cover Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck is for People looking to get rid of excess skin around their midsection. Contact Dr. Melissa Marks to find out more.

Does Insurance Cover Tummy Tuck?

People looking to get rid of excess skin around their midsection often opt for a tummy tuck. This cosmetic procedure come highly recommended to both men and women. Eligible candidates usually comprise people who have lost significant weight, either through surgery or diet and exercise.

These events leave you with excess skin, making your midsection appear flabby, regardless of the amount of exercise. If left unattended, these folds of skin develop infections and folds. However, patients tend to shy away because of the costs associated with the procedure.

Covering THE Cost

Most patients usually ask if insurance covers a tummy tuck. This procedure does not meet the standards of a cosmetic procedure, and most insurance plans do not hide it. Patients with rashes and infections along their midsection who require surgery get coverage by insurance. Since these complications call for medical intervention, some of the cost is covered along with your tummy tuck,

A tummy tuck is usually performed in two stages. The first stage involves tightening the abdominal muscles for a smoother contour. The second stage involves removing extra skin and tightening the remaining skin. Insurance usually covers medically necessary procedures like the second phase of a tummy tuck. Since removing excess skin aims to eliminate the risk of rashes and infections, this qualifies as a medical necessity.

A Tummy Tuck for Your Budget

Once your insurance covers the skin-tightening part of your tummy tuck, the rest falls upon you. We aim to help you get the procedure you desire and achieve your desired appearance. Before proceeding with treatment, our experts help you fit a tummy tuck into your budget. Then, we closely work with you to come up with a suitable payment plan.

Contact us today at Signature & Reconstructive Surgery for a consultation. Our expert team guarantees to help you achieve your dream body without breaking the bank.

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