Treating Hyperpigmentation with Chemical Facial Peels

Treat your skin with a chemical peel - Dr. Melissa Marks

Treating Hyperpigmentation with Chemical Facial Peels

Do you have patches on your skin that are darker than others? If yes, there’s a chance that you have hyperpigmentation. Although it is necessarily not a condition, it indicates underlying medical conditions. Hyperpigmentation usually occurs in small patches, which cover large areas or the entire body.

There are different types of hyperpigmentation, the common ones being sunspots, melasma, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. An effective skin treatment that reduces the appearance of these patches is the use of chemical facial peels.

What are Chemical Facial Peels?

Chemical peels are cosmetic solutions that use acids to exfoliate the affected parts of the skin. The acid contained in facial peels removes equal amounts of the affected skin, enhancing the effectiveness of treatment. It is essential to have an expert perform the treatment for maximum healing and minimal color changes or scarring.

Cosmetic experts recommend chemical facial peels to remove a controlled amount of skin. This protects your dermis from damage since it contains sweat glands, nerve endings, and hair follicles.

Chemical facial peels treat hyperpigmentation and other skin-related conditions. Some of these conditions include acne, redness, scarring, enlarged pores, and rosacea. There are three chemical peels used; superficial, medium-depth, and deep peels.
Most cosmetic experts use a Fitzpatrick Scale to determine the best chemical facial peel for you. This is extremely important because different people have varying skin tones. The scale also helps to reduce potential changes in skin color and scarring.

Side Effects

Although relevant medical authorities approve chemical facial peels, there are mild side effects. However, some adverse effects may develop for some people, such as scarring, redness, temporary dark patches, and permanent lightened skin.
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